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Players aim pointed darts at rows of inflated balloons and throw the darts. Players score based upon the number of balloons successfully ruptured.


PRIZE MONEY: Winning Prize: Rs 60/-


1.Individual Game.
2.On the spot entries are allowed.
3.All balloons should be shot by given set of pins in one attempt.
4. Final decision will be made by judges,in case of any dispute.

Updated on date: 02/03/2019
1. Minimum 10 entries are must otherwise event will be cancelled .
2. The Amount paid is non-refundable.
3. If the event is cancelled then that amount can be used to register in another event.

CORE: Rishiraj Saran - 7067244763
Bhumika Gupta - 7415492144

EVENT HEAD: Vishal Malaiya - 8959266011