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This event is all about bug fixing , participants will be challenged with some questions related to the 'C' programming language which they have to solve in the given time and the top scorers will be taken to the next round for fixing a program and make it run the best performers will be awarded in the end of all the competition.


REGISTRATION FEE: Rs150/-(per person)

PRIZE MONEY: First Prize: Rs4000/-
Second Prize: Rs2000/-
Third Prize: Rs1000/-


1. There will be Two Round-
   i) In Round 1- 30 MCQ will be given to the participants based on C/C++ Programming logic.Note :Time limited to 30 Minutes only.
   ii) In Round 2- Some programs which contains errors will be provided to the participants, The Task is to ‐ a) Find and fix the Errors b) Successfully Compile the code c) and Execute the Program and should get desired output.Note :Time limited to 30 Minutes only.
2. 15 participants will qualify 1st round on the basis of maximum right answers out of 30 questions. And will be eligible for 2nd round.
Winner of 2nd Round will be decided based on the fastest debugger who will debug the maximum code within the specified time with desired output.
3. System with C compiler will be provided to each participant (LINUX based Compiler).
4. In case of a tie there will be an Extra Third Round to debug the code.
5. Modification in the code is not allowed i.e actual code should not changed, if any participant is found doing so then they will be disqualified.
6. Only Task is to fix bugs and no new extra code should be added by the participant.

Updated on date: 02/03/2019
1. Minimum 10 entries are must otherwise event will be cancelled .
2. The Amount paid is non-refundable.
3. If the event is cancelled then that amount can be used to register in another event.

CORE: Bhawana Barfa - 8889608379
Roshi Dubey - 9754299019

EVENT HEAD: Ankit Chadokar - 9340343797
Daxesh Kanade - 8959573537