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Robo Race is an event for competing the robots by participating in the race with hurdles. In this competition robots need to traverse the path and cross the hurdlesto reach the destination. The performance of the robots will be compared on the basis of the time taken for completion of task and penalties to identify the winner.

REGISTRATION FEE: Rs.300/--per bot
Any two event excluding Robo war Rs- 500/-

PRIZE MONEY: First Prize: Rs7000/-
Second Prize: Rs3000/-
Third Prize: Rs2000/-
Three Consolation Prizes worth Rs-1000/- each for next three positions.


1. Teams should register their robots for participating in the event.
2. The robot should follow the robot specifications provided. Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification.
3. Changing of Robots will be strictly prohibited and if found to do so leads disqualification
4. Register in a team of four.
5. The competition is based on time trail system. There will be a qualifying round for each team in which the team shall compete with each other to reach checkpoints.
6. Every check-point crossed will be of 10 points.
7. If the Robot crosses a checkpoint, and moves off track, then the Robot would be placed back on the previous checkpoint crossed. A maximum of three chances will be given to each team to place their bot in designated check point.
8. Once the race begins, three hand touches are allowed, if you are taking hand touch you have to start from last check point.
9. During the race, team would be given 3 skips.
10. Top 25 teams from the round two will be qualified for round three. If total teams in round two are less than 50 than only 20 teams will qualify for round three.
11. AC supply of 230V, 50Hz will be provided in the college.
12. If in case, a situation of technical problem related to bot occurs, then the team can take a Technical Break of 1 minute.
13. Only 1 timeout will be given to any participant and the participant will repair it without any outside help.
14. Registration fees is non-refundable.
15. Minimum 10 entries are must otherwise event will be cancelled and in that case, registration fees will be refunded.
16. Unethical behaviour could lead to disqualification. Faculty-coordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event. The decision of the judges will be final and abiding. Argument with judges in any form will lead to the disqualification of the team.
*Rules may subject to change.


1. The dimension of the bot should not exceed 30*30*30 cm.
2. The bot may be wired or wireless or autonomous.
3. The maximum voltage to power the bot should not exceed 24V(DC power supply only). However a tolerance of 5 % is acceptable.
4. The maximum power should not exceed 50W.
5. Bring your own AC to DC converters or own Batteries any type (li-ion, lead acid etc).
6. Robots must be insulated for particular hurdles.
7. Readymade toys car are not allowed.
8. The wire (for wired bots) should remain slack during the complete run.

Arena Specifications

1. The track surface and course line may have unevenness.
2. There might be abrupt angles, but these will not exceed 30 degrees.
3. There will be certain obstacles in the race track which will try to slow down the robot.

Updated on date: 11/03/2019
1. Minimum 10 entries are must otherwise event will be cancelled .
2. The Amount paid is non-refundable.
3. If the event is cancelled then that amount can be used to register in another event.

CORE: Nirmal Namdev - 8358983500
Kartikeya Gargav - 8827269322
Muskan Sugandhi - 9669106107
Achint Nigam - 7389564992

EVENT HEAD: Sneh Kumar Suryawanshi - 8966804334